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China’s Social Credit System to Award Points to Citizens based on their Good or Bad Behavior

A social credit system which was launched in Nov 2019 in China, tracks every citizen and provides them scores based on their behavior. Good actions, like following govt policies ,volunteering, and bad, like littering or spreading any news against the govt, are tracked using algorithms, artificial intelligence and facial recognition — and there are real consequences for a high or low score.

Screens that watch you 24/7, and with programs/apps that record all your movements, phones that spy on your conversations and applications that take advantage of your leisure to make a complete profile of you. China has been increasingly using a complex monitoring system to know what citizens are doing 24/7.


Chinese social credit system, is a 24/7 Monitoring mechanism devised by the Chinese government to follow every movement of its citizens, reward them if they follow the behaviors that the Administration considers appropriate and sanction them if they do not. Such inappropriate behaviors have included everything from criminal records to smoking in public places to “Spreading false news on social media”.

It is a shocking police state of which the inhabitants of China do not have the slightest knowledge. One of the citizen when asked said “It would be legitimate to think that, in a State like the Chinese one, the disinformation of its citizens and residents can be normal . However, how could they not be aware of a repressive system that, supposedly, covers every aspect of their public life?”

How world views this social credit system?


The truth is that China, like many other states, has various mechanisms to control its citizens. And that in March 2018 a law came into force that provided for the imposition of a social credit system that would sanction and reward certain public conduct, although the text of this rule is ambiguous and its application uncertain and uneven.

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