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Ordos – The Largest ghost town attracts millions of tourists

Almost 10 years ago, a devastating earthquake left 87.000 killed hundreds of thousands of people homeless in the region of Sichuan (China). In many of the places where took place the tragedy, the time seems to have stopped and that has turned into a claim for millions of tourists who each year visit the ruins of this place, especially in Beichuan, the ghost town where everything remains as that day.

The quake was of magnitude 8 and its powerful force was felt even in Beijing, Shanghai or the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. Up to five schools came down by the cave-in this city, when hundreds of children were inside. This is the second worst earthquake in terms of fatalities refers to the history of China, after the Tangshan, 1976, that killed 250,000 people.

In Beichuan, however, any visitor can walk the streets as if the earthquake had taken place just a few weeks ago, as stated in the BBC, who note that even today there are thousands of bodies in the rubble. The region is today a tourism that keeps alive the memory of this tragedy.

That earthquake killed two-thirds of its inhabitants, but the place is almost the same as that fateful may 12, 2008: the local authorities wish for now to keep it that way, as a “Pompeii modern” for tourists.

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