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Security Cameras Capture Paranormal Activity in Deerpark CBS School Ireland

A video circulating on social networks has caused a stir by showing what appears paranormal activity within the school Deerpark CBS in the city of Cork, Ireland.

According to employees, they decided to put surveillance cameras after they found that furniture of the school was damaged.

Kevin Barry, director of the school, told local media that he reached school after receiving an alert of movement at school. When he went to school to review the video in security cameras, he found something really surprising. Things were moving in the video without the presence of any intruder.

If you look at the video, you can see that doors open in the hall, and a few seconds later lockers open on their own, and things start to fall on their own.

Recording confirms suspicions because of nothing a door opens at the hall, seconds after the start lockers whipping and some papers to fall.

Also, a Plastic sign shoots out as someone kicked him. The recording was captured by the CCTV camera.

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