What are the Most Common Causes of Allergies in Humans

Do you sneeze a lot and always have your airways irritated? Maybe in your daily environment there are objects or situations that are triggering your allergies every day and you have not taken it into account.

1. Fruits

“When trees, grass and weeds have high levels of pollen, your immune system is prepared to attack anything that resembles allergens, even slightly,” said Anju Peters of Northwestern Memorial Hospital , In Chicago. Certain fruits can make things worse for those who are suffering from pollen food syndrome .

2. Stress

Stress does not necessarily cause allergies, but may worsen symptoms. Research from the Ohio State University Medical Center shows that only a small amount of stress increases the levels of allergy-causing proteins and in addition, high levels of cortisol – which occur in the face of stress – can compromise your immune system .

3. Air conditioning

Helps keep the house cool when it is hot and dry and can also help combat allergens, especially if they contain special filters to capture dust and dander from animals. But sometimes, they accumulate dust in their engines and a fungus called Cladosporium, can begin to grow inside and cause allergies.

4. Alcohol

People with hay fever, asthma or chronic bronchitis are much more likely to experience sneezing, runny nose, and lower respiratory tract symptoms after drinking, according to a study in Sweden. It is because alcohol dilates the blood vessels of the nose and stimulates the immune response.

5. The iPad

A child who was treated at a San Diego hospital had unexplained hives and itching in the body that did not respond to common treatments. In doing some tests, doctors found that he had iPad nickel allergy, a condition that could be developed by many more people at this time. (Article published in Pediatrics).

6. Hair Products

” Hair gel, aersols and creams that embellish, dye or discolor it can become a pollen magnet,” said Time Clifford Bassett of New York University. That’s why you advise allergy sufferers to stay as far away from these products as possible.

7. Your dog or cat

People who have allergies to certain animals, are really allergic to the skin scales (dandruff) which is shed by the animals . Some are allergic to saliva from animals, especially cats, because it contains a protein known to cause allergy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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