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Tony Blair now wants Vaccinated and Unvaccinated to be distinguished separately

7th June 2021 – People who are vaccinated should be able to travel abroad with a new digital pass and go to “vaccine-only” places like restaurants or sports stadiums, Tony Blair says today.

The report argues that vaccines have changed this and that the relative risks posed by those who have been fully vaccinated, compared to those who have not, must be recognized. Under the plan, a new pass system would work both domestically and ultimately internationally. No place would be forced to become “vaccine only,” but those who chose to do so would be subject to fewer restrictions.

The report says that the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing transmission is now proven beyond doubt and should be reflected in the freedoms that people can enjoy. “Ultimately, fully vaccinated people are much less likely to infect other people, about up to 50% less likely,” he says. “Also, they are less likely to die, be hospitalized or develop symptoms of Covid-19 compared to before the vaccine.



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