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Best environmentally friendly laptop 2017

In a world where new devices are constantly being manufactured, which is renewed with the passing of the months to give way to new models that replace the previous ones and generate a high amount of useless devices that become electronic trash, someone has to give a stop sign.
Renewal allows users to access the best technology, and companies offer new functionalities for their target audience, but at the same time causes pollution and irreparable damage to the planet.

The World Counts website maintains the worldwide electronic waste account and indicates that since the beginning of 2017, it has generated 6.4 million tonnes of electronic waste. The National Autonomous University of Mexico estimates that each inhabitant can generate between 7 and 9 kilos of electronic waste per year, which then contaminate water, earth, and air, thus affecting human health. Experts from around the world say that in the next three years will generate a quantity of electronic waste equivalent to the weight of Egypt’s pyramids.

It is for these and other figures that international organizations such as Greenpeace are mobilized daily to promote the correct use and recycling of these products, appealing to the awareness of users and brands. This claim has been heard by several companies in the world, including Lenovo, which has decided to implement a new process of manufacturing their computers to collaborate in creating a greener planet.

Lenovo’s big change is to change its welding process to a lower temperature, which saves energy and reduces carbon emissions during the process by 35% and saves about 5,956 metric tons of CO2 per year. The system used today is the result of the abandonment of lead solder, so it was not thought to care for the planet but rather to comply with regulations imposed on the whole industry so that the implementation of a new process of Manufacturing that would save energy became imminent.

This new procedure is already used in the production of the ThinkPad E series and the ThinkPad X1 Carbon which was recently announced at CES 2017. By mid-2017 Lenovo estimates that it will be able to use this method with its entire range of products, For 2018 promises to release this new technology to other companies in the industry that want to incorporate new ways to care for the planet and reduce their CO2 emissions.

The policies of large companies are extremely important in the fight to reduce pollution, however, there are daily actions that anyone can do. Recycling and disposing of waste properly is a very important first step, which takes little time but can make a big difference.

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