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How to Train the Mind to Attract what you desire

Mind is one part of the body which has never been explored fully. Some of the cool features of your mind are as given below:-

  1. It is invisible
  2. It is POWERFUL. All Senses send their daily/hourly/secondly reports back to your mind.
  3. It shapes your PERSONALITY
  4. It is INFINITE just like UNIVERSE
  5. Most of the people have only used only 5% of the real Brain capabilities
  6. The entire imprint of your personality is in your Mind.
  7. Your Positive Mind can take you Places whereas negative mindset can push you into Suicide.
  8. There is no GUIDELINES on how to use MIND
  9. Your Mindset attracts situations.
  10. Your Mindset attracts your friends/people who are identical to your Mindset.

Let us see how to upgrade your Mind and attract new things you Desire


If you call a young child every single day that “You are born DUMB and can do nothing in life” for 365 Days continuously, you will realize that he/she grows up he/she will have IMPRINT of these NEGATIVE traits in his personality combined with mood disorders. This is the power of “I AM” or to say “YOU ARE”. When you say “YOU ARE”, he/she starts to believe he/she “IS” or rather “I AM”, whereas it might not be true. These Negative DEMOTIVATING talk brings out a new NEGATIVE side of that child which shows up when he grows up as an ADULT.

Most of the teachers/PARENTS think that NEGATIVE talk will push their kids back on track. However, this does not happen. NEGATIVE Talk brings out NEGATIVE in others as well your own personality.

On the Other hand, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS gives you a new level of MINDSET which actually puts you in a COMMANDING POSITION of your mindset. You start to ACCEPT positive VIBES and reject negative VIBES or people around you. If you do not believe in positive AFFIRMATIONS or LAW of ATTRACTION, we would recommend you to try this exercise just for 21 days and see the difference

LISTEN To these AFFIRMATIONS at NIGHT and when you WAKEUP early in the morning

55 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Attracting Money (Speak in Your Mind)

  1. I live in a Universe of Abundance.
  2. I am a magnet for success and good fortune.
  3. I am grateful and celebrate every day.
  4. I deserve to have abundance and prosperity.
  5. I am a super money magnet and an excellent money manager.
  6. Wealth is a mindset and I am gifted with an abundance mindset.
  7. I release all my fear of money and open myself to the possibilities of abundance.
  8. The Secret Law of Attraction for Money is always working for me and I am becoming a powerful money magnet.
  9. I know what I ask for when I want, no matter what it is that I want, no matter how impossible it may seem if I believe I know it is mine.
  10. I am consciously happy and positive about money.
  11. Every day and every way my money is growing in multifold
  12. I attract Money naturally to me. I am a Money Magnet.
  13. My wallet is always overflowing with money and I am spending happily.
  14. Subconsciously I love money and money flow easily into my life.
  15. I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.
  16. I now see my good from expected and unexpected sources.
  17. The Universe is a constant supplier of money and I have always had more than enough to fulfill all my needs.
  18. I rejoice in others luxury and success.
  19. I release all resistance to money and I now allow it to flow easily and joyously to me.
  20. Money is not an object but an energy that I am attracting every moment of my life.
  21. In the infinity of where I am all is perfect, whole and complete.
  22. Whatever I do, I give my best and I attract abundance to me.
  23. All my needs and desires are met even before I ask.
  24. When I spend money it comes back to me in multiples.
  25. Money and I are friends and our friendship will last forever.
  26. I am open to receiving floods of financial abundance with ease so that I am able to give back even more to the world around me.
  27. I make choices that are beneficial to me.
  28. I know there is plenty for all of us.
  29. Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money.
  30. I am constantly increasing my awareness of abundance, this reflects in constantly increasing my income.
  31. All the money I spend brings me joy.
  32. My good comes from everywhere and everyone.
  33. I use the money to do meaningful things and give myself the best in life.
  34. There is always an abundance of money available to me.
  35. Money is an integral part of my life and it is always attached to me.
  36. Everything I touch turns into gold.
  37. I deserve to have everything nice and beautiful in my life.
  38. I have more riches than I asked for.
  39. Money falls like an avalanche over me.
  40. I rejoice in others success, wealth, and prosperity.
  41. There is more money being printed for me right now.
  42. I am receiving money making ideas every day.
  43. I am receiving unexpected checks in the mail.
  44. I am the creator of my success.
  45. I have more than enough money for everything I want.
  46. I am attracting more and more money from multiple sources.
  47. I am living in an abundant universe where I am attracting everything I want.
  48. I am attracting positive and abundant people in my life.
  49. I love money and money love me back.
  50. I am abundant in all areas of life.
  51. Every day my money consciousness is increasing and keeping me surrounded by money.
  52. I am in total happiness with money.
  53. I create money and abundance through Joy and Self-love.
  54. Money is flowing to me like a river.
  55. I am a Powerful Money Magnet

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