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R.I.P to Microsoft Paint in next Windows 10 Update

32 years later, the well-known image editing program will say goodbye in the next Windows 10 update. Outlook Express will also be retired.

Paint has become one of the most outstanding image editing programs for being free and for its simple handling, which allows small changes in images in a very simple way. Microsoft has announced that it will not include it in its list of programs for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the new update of the operating system that will arrive in the fall.

In this way, Microsoft will bid farewell to one of its most recognized programs, which was included in all its equipment and systems since 1985, from the first version of Windows 1.0 to Windows 10. The US company does not specify in its release the date Exact in which Paint will be eliminated, nor the reasons that lead them to eliminate a program with 32 years of history.

However, Paint will not be the only one eliminated in the new version of Windows. Other programs and tools like the Outlook Express mail service and the screensavers will also see their end in autumn with Fall Creators Update.

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