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Microsoft accidentally displays a keyboard for the iPad

The keyboard appears on an official Microsoft website and suggests a battery of 0.814Wh, so it would connect via Bluetooth to the iPad.

Microsoft is – or was – working on a keyboard for the Apple iPad, although the status of the keyboard is unknown up to this point.

The WinFuture site, specializing in Microsoft issues, found evidence of this Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad on one of Microsoft’s support sites. The site mentions a keyboard with integrated battery, so it is suggested that it would not be connected using the Smart Connector.

The Microsoft page does not display more detailed information on the keyboard, so it is not known whether the keyboard is still in Microsoft’s plans or was discarded. The information shows a battery of 0.814W and has the registration number of 1719.

Microsoft has extensive experience in keyboards for tablets and laptops. The company manufactures the own keyboards for its surface hybrids, which are as thin as the official Apple keyboard for the iPad. Microsoft has never released an accessory for the iPad, so it will be a pretty big surprise to see them start with an Apple tablet sleeve.

However, it would also be a good excuse to earn some money through Apple tablets. The Cupertino giant reported 11.4 million tablets sold in its third quarter, a surprisingly high figure and showing that there is still interest in its tablets.

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