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A cyberattack in protest against the government of Maduro affects at least 40 institutions of Venezuela

Our fight is digital, you block the streets and we the networks,” said one of the messages of Monday’s cyber attack on about 40 websites of institutions in Venezuela.

Calling themselves The Binary Guardians, the group of hackers sent messages to support the actions of a group of armed men who attacked a military base in the central city of Valencia on Sunday.

“This dictatorship has its days counted,” said another of the messages in support of “Operation David,” which according to Venezuelan media was the code name of the attack in Valencia.

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Meanwhile, Venezuelan authorities are looking for ten men named as the organizers of the “paramilitary terrorist attack” that left two dead and eight detained.

Affected Websites?

Among the websites affected were the National Electoral Council (CNE), whose website invited the country’s uniformed to join “the military and police units declared in absentia.”

A CNE spokesman confirmed the hack to the page, which was re-established past noon.


CNE President Tibisay Lucena said last week that the organization had been subjected to numerous digital attacks that had prevented the inclusion of the results of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) election on 30 July.

The elections were boycotted by the opposition, which does not recognize the legitimacy of the ANC because it was convened without a previous referendum as the current constitution points out.

Other sites attacked on Monday were Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) and state security bodies including the scientific police (Cicpc), the National Police (PNB), the Army, Navy and Identification offices And Aliens (Saime) and currency control (Cencoex).

“In total there have been about 40 pages,” said one of the members of The Binary Guardians, Reuters.

Several of the attacked portals had already returned to work, although many others remained offline such as Cencoex, and the site of the Venezuelan National Police.

The cyber attack occurred hours after the Armed Forces repelled an attack in the central city of Valencia that sought to “restore constitutional order” and in rejection of the installation of the National Constituent Assembly, a body with special powers criticized by the opposition as An affront to democracy.

Venezuela has seen a wave of protests since April that has left more than 120 dead, a situation that has worsened since the Constituent Assembly last Friday, which is not recognized by the opposition, several countries and international organizations.

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