Baby Porridge for Babies

Tips on How to Introduce Baby Porridge for Babies

Babies can start taking fruit porridge from 6 months of age. It is important to note that these porridges are a supplement that cannot replace milk, which provides many more proteins, but it can supplement your diet.

The fruit is a very beneficial food, which provides vitamins, minerals, fiber and hydrates, which can be present in the children’s diet. You can give them some in small soft pieces, but the most convenient is the fruit porridges.

Introducing Baby Porridge for Babies

To introduce the different fruits in the diet, one must take into account the age of the baby.

The first fruits are introduced after five or six months (apples, pears, bananas) but those that produce more allergy, such as strawberries or peaches, should start to be used later.

The same happens with cookies, which in the first months could cause allergies from the gluten they contain.

With these papillae, you will know when to introduce the different fruits in the feeding of the baby, always under the advice and authorization of the pediatrician.

5 Easy Porridge Recipes for Baby/Toddler

At Helios7 we offer you this complete guide so that you know what papillae you can give to your baby from six months to one year of age.With these recipes, your diet will be more varied and complete and remember that for a good growth you can supplement them with vegetable purees.


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