Sunbathing Baby for Vitamin-D – Milk/Vitamin-D Connection for Breastfeeding Moms

The vitamin D is an ally of calcium in its mission to grow and strengthen bones small. It is known that its lack or defect produces several evils, including rickets, although recent studies say that this is a much more versatile vitamin and offers other health benefits, such as a healthy immune system, and also prevents heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

We tell you what relationship exists between milk and sunbathing for the baby.

The relationship between milk and sunbathing of babies

One of the first recommendations that neonatologists give to mothers is sunbathing newborns every day, especially in the early morning hours. The purpose is that the baby begins to synthesize its vitamin D and for this, as in plant photosynthesis, the sun is an indispensable element.

However, some reports acknowledge that up to 55 percent of adolescents lack this vitamin putting them at an increased risk of osteoporosis and other diseases. Among the causes that determine that deficit are excessive use of sunscreens and protective, environmental pollutants and the long, cold winters of some countries that keep people at home, compromising their ability to synthesize their vitamin D.

In these circumstances, there is the option of searching for this vitamin among foods, and milk is one of the few food sources that provide sufficient amounts of vitamin D to the point of being called by nutritionists “liquid of the sun.” Three 8 – ounce glasses of low – fat milk or not, provide 75 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin D, and incidentally we get together with other essential nutrients, such as the calcium, potassium and vitamin A.


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