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Apple will keep your complete medical history on the iPhone

You can access medical observations, recipes and lab results in your medical history from the iPhone

Apple’s ability to manage every aspect of our everyday lives will reach health, as there are rumors that the new iPhone models could save the full medical history.

Although the Smartphone already allows storing some data regarding the physical state, the proposal is that the doctors access your history in the consultation without filling out extensive forms. The observations made by the professional, recipes and even laboratory results would be available on the iPhone.

What medical data will Apple keep on the iPhone?

Apple intends to facilitate the exchange of data between doctor and patient, avoiding work for both each time a consultation takes place. Your doctor’s comments will be recorded on the mobile, indexed by pathology so that finding them is simple.

The prescriptions will be archived so that the doctor’s handwriting is not a problem when it comes to understanding what medication you were given.
You could even go further and function as a diagnostic package to interpret your physical state or, giving you advice when you need it. Rumors spread that Apple Watch would already be implementing a system to measure diabetes without pricking. The problem faced by the company is legality because the medical data of the consultations are private and it is difficult for a company outside the sector to access them.

Why save medical data to iPhone?

It is essential to be covered if something happens on the street, health professionals will access the medical information to provide the medication or care you need. Allergies are a good example of useful data in an emergency, assuming that you are unable to communicate or the anxiety of the moment prevents you from remembering it. Complete the health package offered by the iPhone without forgetting your date of birth, weight, height, blood type and pathologies or chronic diseases that you suffer.

Turn on “view blocked” so the information is still visible when a third party accesses your mobile to check the information. Curiosity about the health package is that in the United States you can register as an organ donor through the iPhone. It is possible to register at any time by editing the form that you completed when you joined the cause.

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