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What is the Internet of Things: Microsoft explains it in 4 minutes

Microsoft says that over the next few years there will be between 30 and 50 billion connected electronic devices , a possibility that will materialize thanks to the creation and exchange of data as never before in the history of mankind. Internet of things will be responsible for interconnecting everyday objects, which will be identified by the network through a code. Find out what the Internet of Things is by watching an animated video from Microsoft that will only take 4 minutes of your time.

What is the Internet of things used for now?

Although it is still at an early stage of its development, results are beginning to be seen that anticipate its future success. So far the most significant achievements have occurred in the area of ​​environment and sustainability, for example with intelligent systems that connect devices to track energy consumption in households. Its application is useful not only to manage the expense or the convenience of using a device, but to avoid the waste of resources from governments and companies, legislating accordingly.

In South America, the Internet of Things is used to control deforestation, especially in remote areas of the Amazon that can not be frequently sighted by the human eye. The system consists of placing a chip in trees located in key positions to track which are cut, revealing illegal deforestation to the competent authorities. The impact on improving the quality of life on a global level will make the Internet of Things be implemented in practically all the objects we know, leading to a hyperconnectivity directly linked to efficiency.

What will the Internet use of things in the next few years?

The connection of everyday objects with the Internet will generate an unimaginable volume of data that will be processed with advanced analysis, in turn transformed into predictive algorithms to work with automated systems that improve usability, productivity and profitability. The limit to a technologically advanced way of life that will change our perspectives will be the imagination: if all the objects can connect to emit a series of data that help us to use them in the best way, we solve problems that we drag from the origin of the times .

Marketing will be one of the areas most benefited , because so far has not been able to solve the mystery of why we buy certain products and not others. Although it attempts to function as a predictive analy- sis that guides advertising campaigns to drive higher profits or generate a habit of consumption, it resembles a descriptive system. With things internet even small traders will know what products to offer, as sensors will be positioned to know which ones are most looked, touched and bought. Medicine will be another area revolutionized by this invention , when you can know the heart rate, temperature, skin color and easy expressions that show pain, all in real time.


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