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Top 10 free tools/softwares to create online comic Books

Beyond the school work, telling a story through a comic is a powerful weapon to make a presentation in any field and add freshness to a speech. Both designers and other professionals or educators dealing with complex issues can use these free tools to create online comics and humanize a concept so that your audience can digest it or just entertain you.

1. Bubblr

The proposal is to set up a comic taking photos of Flickr without the registration requirement. Just enter with your Flickr user and embed dialog balloons to achieve your story.

2. Pixton

A simple tool that you can use for personal use – free version – schools or businesses. the 10 best creations are chosen day and you can mix your comic with other users.

3. Fotojet

It allows you to assemble graphics, banners, cards and collages without the need to register to access the service. The massive templates offer varied designs for your photos or strips of images.

4. Storybird

It is a resource designed for both comics to illustrate books or poems with default images that allow custom finishes. It has a box dedicated exclusively to the text, constituting a new form of comic.

5. Voki

You will design your own character by choosing all the elements of your body aspect, adding backgrounds, sounds or texts. In addition, you have the option to add public figures like Trump or Obama.

6. Marvel

The well-known American comics publisher responsible for spreading comics as Captain America, developed its own platform to be the protagonist of your stories.

7. Toondoo

You create your own characters or use the default ones, adding objects, scenarios and dialog balloons. It is possible to join each strip to achieve a single long story told in this format.

8. Witty Comic

It is an intuitive tool in which you conjugate characters, scenarios and texts to give life to your story. It is ideal for educators because it has the option to choose – for example – a single verbal time.

9. Superlame

Adjust the dialog balloons so that the borders are not left out of the box and it is possible to share the results with other users of the application.

10. Stripgenerator

Again, you can design from scratch or use combinable default elements to generate new graphics.

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