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The Apple Watch Series 3 will have LTE, but not to make calls: report

The new generation of Apple Watch, informally named Series 3, will have LTE connectivity but will not be able to make calls as a regular phone, according to analyst.

The Apple Watch Series 3 to be introduced next month would include an eSIM, as the watch has no holes to insert and remove a tray of SIM cards.

ESIM ( Embedded SIM ) are not conventional SIM cards because they are integrated into the products and can not be removed. Recent models of the iPad with cellular connectivity already use this type of SIM cards, and cellular plans are contracted from the device settings.

The Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE will use an eSIM capable of providing data to the clock to navigate between applications and continue receiving notifications, but will not be able to make calls. The watch is now able to act as a horn and microphone when calls are received on the iPhone, but this new model will not be able to initiate calls independently when it is not linked to the iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 3 will use a Qualcomm modem even though Intel has one with the same capabilities. This is surprising considering that Apple and Qualcomm have been involved in legal battles for almost the entire year.

As per a reliable analyst has said that this new watch from Apple will maintain size – 38mm and 42mm– of the previous models and the differences between these will be very few, and neither There would be a new design as speculated.

Apple is expected to introduce the Apple Watch Series 3 in September alongside the iPhone 8 and two models of the iPhone 7S. Apple, to date, has not confirmed or denied anything related to its new product plans.

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