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8 free skill games for Apple devices

A list of the best free skill games for Apple devices that you can download on your iPhone or iPad

The free games skill awaken your intelligence to find creative solutions. They are ideal for hanging out on the way to the beach, waiting in a doctor’s office or lying in bed because the heat wave suffocates you. App Store contains thousands of games in different categories but those of skill are the most challenging, because they appeal to your mental speed. Do you dare to take the challenge?

1. Brainilis

Test your skills in memory, logic, math and concentration with different games in format of cards to match, icons to remember or geometric figures . It allows you to record your progress, without having to connect to the Internet to start.

2.  Mental training

Over 500 training sessions in 60 games you will receive daily to memorize, concentrate, solve problems, acquire language or visual abilities and streamline thinking.

3. Free Chess

Visual version of the classic to arm strategies, being able to play against the machine or with a real person both friend and unknown at random. Automatically save the game when you have a phone call.

4. Lots Dots

It consists of matching the points that appear with circles , generating patterns of colors. Stimulate your brain through 100 levels with varying degrees of difficulty to entertain children and adults alike.

5. Mental exercise

Collection of games developed from cognitive psychology linked to speed, flexibility, knowledge and attention . Make graphs about your progress as well as comparison scales to determine which aspects excel and which ones you should improve.

6. Brain Tour

Strategic thinking and math skills collide in a compilation of games that fit your performance , as you advance in the challenges. It is possible to compare your progress with that of other players in the same area.

7. Peak

Contains more than 40 brain games combined with rest activities to relax after having exercised the mind. You have the option of choosing a virtual trainer for your brain that will help you find the best game for you at the right time.

8. Lumosity

A total of 25 mind-training games based on neuroscience that offer a detailed analysis of your cognitive patterns, strengths and weaknesses. Use the daily training mode to keep you active.

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