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The Future of Ethical Hacking as a profession

Find out where a hacker works and find out why they are so valuable in today's job market

The ethical hackers usually professionals in computer engineering or software development that have special certification to serve as hackers, but often comes to amateur apprentices who live immersed in their computers and learn on the fly. The labor market demands people capable of attacking their computer systems to discover their vulnerabilities, regardless of their academic background, although it is an open door and a more elaborate curriculum in the eyes of the recruiters. Know where a hacker works and his functions in the company.


The best companies in the world have groups of hackers at their service to remedy the flaws and inconsistencies in the configurations of their systems to prevent other hackers from accessing your information, whether part of the competition or computer criminals. Cyber ​​attacks are more propitious in databases or financial statements, but a simple attack could lead to a collapse in a system and induce the loss of customers or obtain valuable information about a product not yet available.

The hacker of a company acts by opposites: it breaches the system on purpose and reports on its defects, acting faster than its colleagues and transforming computer security into a battle between ethical hackers and illegal hackers. The companies’ eagerness to get a hacker for their company awakened the business instinct in different parts of the world as in the case of Mexico, where two cousins ​​founded startup Query to reunite a hacker with a company. In fact, they have already made interventions in 30 countries for the plaintiffs to find a hacker to protect them.
Jobs for hackers

The most common degrees are computer engineer or software developer, who usually work as IT consultants although there are job portals where companies publish their offers under the title “ethical hacker.” Tecnoempleo is a portal that promotes technological vacancies in Spain, constituting an excellent source to know how a hacker works by simply reading the descriptions or even apply for a position. Also, hackers are requested under the technical name of computer security (junior or senior), security analyst, security architect, security consultant, security researchers or security penetration technician, referring to the layers that must be crossed to violate a system.

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