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The 8 best tricks for Snapchat

Brief descriptions of the best tricks for Snapchat that you can apply in your photos and videos

Snpachat remains at the forefront of social networking with inventions like the Seaseeker and adding fun effects every day taking into account world events or special dates. It is a social network with ample opportunities to awaken your creativity when taking a picture or record a video and this time, we explain the best tricks for Snapchat so take advantage of its hidden features.

1. Best friends

The app chooses three friends by default who are the ones with whom you exchange most snaps, although it is possible to extend the number to 5 or 7 if you go to settings and best friends. Now you can see your stories as soon as you enter the app.

2. See a snap several times

The snaps no longer disappear irremediably but in the active replay settings option and you can repeat each snap but only once per day.

3. Change of front

While recording a video, you can swap the front and back cameras if you click twice on the screen, so that your footage is dynamic.

4. Accelerate or slow a video

It uses the same mechanism as the case of the filters, sliding the finger horizontally on the video to choose the symbol of three dates that correspond with a hare and a snail for one or another action.

5. Animate emoticons

Choose the folded paper icon on the screen and choose an emoticon, following with the camera the movement of someone or something. Hold the emoticon and release it on what you want it to mimic in movement.

6. Black & White Artwork

Press the color bar in the drawing tool and move your finger to the upper left corner of the screen when you want the white or towards the lower left corner if you prefer black. iPhone users have more colors in the palette if they drag their finger to different parts of the screen.

7. Length of texts

Extend the texts by directing you to your smartphone’s pad and press enter several times. Then, you enter the program, paste it into the text bar and extend the number of characters available.

8. Attach two photo filters

Combine two effects on the photos that you send to your contacts or leave in your history, pressing with a finger on the selected filter without releasing the screen and using another finger to move left or right for more effects, until you find the second wanted. When you have both, raise both fingers.

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