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12 free resources for user interface design

The best free resources for user interface design that involves the graphic and computing part of a website or app

The user interface design or UI design facilitates user interaction with a website or application because it brings together user-oriented graphic design to create a positive user experience, such as the computer edge for simple navigation. It combines visual and industrial elements with the aim that the product or service online is attractive and encourage the user to make a conversion. Are you interested in the subject? Meet the best free resources for user interface design whether you already have previous knowledge or want to venture into the area.

1. Human Interface Guidelines

It consists of an Apple tool to design iOS themes that stand out for their clarity with precise legible and intuitive texts, both fluid and sharp movements in the interface and the depth granted by different layers that create a sense of hierarchy.

2. Flat UI Kit

Small selection of UI elements with default templates that offer different color palettes for your intrepha designs. It is a project of graphic designer Nik Pletikos (Slovenia) who developed a career in financial mathematics and you can continue in your Twitter account.

3. eShop- IU Kit

More than 30 WordPress web hosting templates – server to host your web or app – responsive format, which means that if the user enters your product from a computer, mobile, tablet or other device, the design will conform to the device to offer Your best personalized version.

4. UI Kit

A beginner’s guide that will help you create a UI theme with step-by-step instructions thanks to its manual format. The platform offers plugins that are complements to the original kit in order to exteneder the available formats, teaching you bases for the simple codification.

5. 365 PSD

It is a studio that houses thousands of materials in the form of icons, images, templates, covers, backgrounds and banners for Facebook, Google, business, entertainment, video games and a wide range of sectors. The PSD format of the files allows you to work them in Photoshop.

6. Guide Book Gallery

It provides materials for graphical interfaces of posters, icons, applications, Mac systems and Windows tools . It takes a long time without updating its content although it is ideal for beginners because its old resources do not have the sophistication of the most advanced technologies, being a good first approach.

7. Pattrns

Repository of tools classified into packages specially prepared for interfaces on Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone and Watch . You will design mobile templates that include sections for company information, graphics, permissions, cards, uploads, invitations to friends, navigation, notifications and other graphic elements that appear in the applications.

8. Material Design Kit

Dedicated to design in Android systems , the kit brings together user interface elements, templates and even style guides with useful suggestions for Sketch, Craft, Photoshop, Figma and Adobe XD programs. It has 61 systems templates and home screens for mobile applications.

9. PSI Elements UI Kit

A batch of elements in PSD format to modify with Photoshop, allowing you to generate user interfaces for your websites or applications with a format inspired by the one used by Google . The kit includes buttons, icons, profiles, statistics, music player, navigation menu and other alternatives.

10. Welie

It is a library of standards recommended for good practices in the user interface. The solutions catalog includes explanations of when it is convenient to use certain elements in the interface design , what they serve and how they look. The descriptions are in English but you can always turn to an online translator when the content is worth it.

11. Freebiesbug

PSD files to be modified in Photoshop as icons or web templates, vectors, simple code solutions, images, files for the Illustrator editing program and others for the Sketch molding program. The catalog is constantly updated to offer a myriad of modern yet easy-to-implement elements.

12. Course Dashboard

Interface tools designed particularly for web application management panels , a set for user interface courtesy of the 365 PSD studio specializing in themed kits for designing the best interfaces. The goal is to attract all the traffic you need to your site, app, company or customer.

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