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What is Python and what is it for?

Know the main features of Phyton, a programming language that you should learn if you want to venture into the development

Python is an indispensable programming language for any computer or web development apprentice. It is a solid foundation for those who want to be trained in the area, because it is a dynamic language that is implemented in a variety of platforms, allowing you to create not only sites but applications on a wide variety of operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. We tell you what Python is and what its purpose is to offer you its main features.

Reasons to learn Python

It is a versatile multiplatform and multiparadigma programming language that stands out for its readable and clean code. The open source license allows its use in different contexts without the need to pay for it and is used in platforms of high traffic like Google, YouTube or Facebook. Its goal is to automate processes to save both complications and time , the two pillars in any professional task. These processes will be reduced in a few lines of code that you will insert in a variety of platforms and operating systems.

Python is ideal for working with large volumes of data because it favors its extraction and processing, being the one chosen by Big Data companies. At the scientific level, it has an extensive library of resources with special emphasis on mathematics for aspiring programmers in specialized areas. It is also useful for creating video games thanks to its dynamism and simplicity, although being an interpreted programming language is slower than Java, C ++ or C #. Beyond the function you give it, Phyton has a community of very active users who constantly share their knowledge and resources in the open.

Characteristics of the Python programming language

It catches the users for its simplicity, readability and accuracy in the syntax, understood as the set of rules that follow when writing a code because it is a language like any other employee in the communication of ideas, although at a computer level. With a few lines of code you can program complex algorithms that deliver sophisticated results, making it a practical and time-saving language. In addition, it has dialects – variants that adapt to other languages ​​- like Jython that is used to write in Java, the programming language most used in sites and applications for its complete service.

For fans of computer aesthetics, it could be classified as an elegant and almost minimalist language . Check the errors on the fly to solve them when they affect the memory, maintaining the integrity of your matrix and avoiding the complications when writing the code. With almost 30 years in the market , its antiquity turned it a solid language that matured among the community of adepts, being a key indicator on its quality and practicality of use. Finally, your focus on functionality is the main cause that encourages us to recommend Python learning if you are thinking about entering the world of programming.

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