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6 tricks to prevent computer mouse from injuring you

Prolonged use of the computer mouse may cause different injuries. In this note we teach you the tricks you need to know to avoid them

Using too much technology for too long can lead to certain injuries. If we pause for a moment to think about it, we will be able to identify different health problems related to technological devices: eye anomalies, back pain, etc.

Some of these can be prevented by simple actions, and can minimize or completely eliminate the risk of injury.

It seems hard to believe that such a small device can cause so much havoc in an individual’s health, but the fact is that prolonged use of the mouse – in an inadequate position or excessive usage can cause serious wrist damage

What is Mouse Syndrome?

It is a problem that occurs when the nerve that goes from the elbow to the hand is compressed in its passage through the carpal tunnel, zone that is located under the palm of the hand. When this happens the hand numbs and loses its force, generating pressure on the wrist, which can become inflamed and cause great pain. Over time the tendons wear out and they atrophy, so it is required to pay special attention to these pains to treat them barely arise, but at the same time to do everything possible to avoid their appearance.

Mouse Syndrome, as well as other types of carpal tunnel injuries, are common in workers who use their hands constantly for strength tasks, but also in those who spend large amounts of time with the computer using the mouse in a position Inadequate.

How can you avoid injury from excessive use of the mouse?

The idea is to reduce its use, mainly when it is used for leisure activities. But if the use of the mouse is associated with performance in the labor field, this reduction will be practically impossible.

Does this mean that the professionals who use the computer are constantly condemned to suffer these pains for life? No, if they take the right measures this should not happen.

What can you do about it? We give you 6 tricks to prevent the mouse from injuring you!

Trick # 1: Position the arm well

It is usual to shrug the arm when you take the mouse or otherwise stretch it too much. In this way the hand should make more effort to take control of the device, so it is best to stretch the arm at a medium distance. A rule used to know exactly what portion of the arm is required to support is to double the hand, that is, the portion of the arm that should rest on the table should be twice the length of a hand.

Trick # 2: Lean on elbow

Placing the ideal portion of the arm on the table is likely to lead to unintentional lifting of the elbow. However, it is best to keep it supported, to reduce the tension of the hand and keep the arm more relaxed.

Trick # 3: Rest your hand

The hand should be completely supported on the mouse, but lightly and without too much pressure on the mouse. In addition, it is important that the movement you make to direct the pointer is natural and in a straight line.

Trick # 4: Get a suitable mouse

This can not be too large or too small, but the right size to support the entire palm of the hand comfortably. It should be high but not too much because a higher height involves a greater effort for the wrist. Ideally, it is also wireless because the cables generate tension and limit the movement.

Trick # 5: Take advantage of the drivers

You have the possibility to configure the actions you perform with the mouse so that not doing so would be a real waste. If possible choose a larger pointer and the maximum speed to scroll and move the pointer.

Trick # 6: Rest

Even if you take all the precautions mentioned above, it is important that every one hour or two take a few minutes to rest your hand. This will make sure you do not require your wrist for a long time and avoid possible injuries.

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