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It will have to wait a century until the arrival of the total automation

Stephen Hawking in an interview with the BBC in 2014, said that “artificial intelligence spells the end of the human race.” This genius of the sciences has managed to convince with his theory to 5% of the scientific community, although the majority of the experts believe that the future is not as dark as the oxoanions black holes
Now, thanks to new research published in El PaĆ­s by the researchers at Yale and Oxford, which has involved 352 experts in the field, we have known that we will still have to work a few years until the machines get to retire. In fact, it is believed that total automation will not come until 2140.

The machines could be bestselling authors for the year 2049

Experts in this sector have also explained that something more difficult for example translators because the machines can supplant these professionals in just over seven years. Truckers could lose their jobs by 2027 and dependents will be relegated in fourteen years.
By 2026 the machines will be able to write almost anything and may be the best-selling author acclaimed before the advent of the 1950s. In the same decade, surgeons could also have lost their jobs, as did mathematicians.

More futuristic experts believe that total automation will come in just two decades

By 2060, the machines will have advanced so much that they will exceed us in practically all areas, although the total automation could still take some time to arrive. It is still important to work on the vision of entrepreneurs, at the same time that the machines are retouched to avoid any bias. Also, governments must be aware of this circumstance, since it will be necessary to see how all humans subsist as they lose their positions.

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