10 Advantages of Geodesic Dome Homes

These homes are the best way to save money and help the sustainability of the environment. Still not convinced? Know 10 advantages of living in a geodesic house and learn a new way of relating to the environment

The geodesic house is a semi-spherical construction composed of combined triangles that form polyhedra. Although it seems a simple composition, a simple igloo, this building has 10 advantages. Do you want to know what they are?

10 advantages of living in a geodesic house

  1. It uses sustainable energy and materials that do not harm the environment, such as solar panels, straw and cork.
  2. Emmits minimal CO2 emissions .
  3. The different areas and settings of the house help us to save energy and  take advantage of sunlight. The lounge and common areas, facing south, enjoy sun and light throughout the day, while the kitchen and bedrooms are the main space for evening and dinner time.
  4. Its structure, its central fireplace and its diaphanous design allow to enjoy a good temperature regardless of the season of the year.
  5. Follow the rules of feng-shui , creating spaces ideal for relaxation.
  6. Its structure is light and resistant . It supports strong winds and even earthquakes.
  7. It mimics with the environment . In this way, for example, we can have a house in the mountains without breaking the ecosystem.
  8. It can be built in about six months .
  9. Its price ranges from 500 to 1000 euros per square meter. Of course, you must have a terrain to establish the structure.
  10. Adding more geodesic domes, we can achieve a larger housing at a very low cost and saving us the changes.

We can all carry out small daily actions that help the conservation of the environment. But now it is also possible to live in a sustainable environment thanks to architecture and geodesy. A model that, despite its novelty, will tend to settle. In 2020, according to the  European institutions , we must reduce energy expenditure by 20% and all buildings should be more efficient and respect the environment.

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