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Effective Password Management and Information Security Tips

This month we celebrated the World Day of Passwords, although the Spaniards still have much work to do in this field. Do you want to choose a suitable password that protects all your documents from the attack of the hackers?

On May 4, World Day of Passwords was held , a day that aims to raise public awareness of the risk involved in not choosing an appropriate password. There are still many Spaniards who protect their devices with the classic “123456”. In addition to this, they are still the most used password in the world: qwerty, abc123, 111111, iloveyou, dragon, superman, princess, starwars, 123124, 777777, football, welcome and 12345678. Originals, right?

It is important to think that a password is like the lock of your house. Do you leave the door open when you go shopping? With computers and other electronic devices, it is the same. If you do not put the key to your PC with a secure password, any thief can enter, steal the data and take ownership of your identity .

Mathematics assures us that the longest passwords are also the safest , even if you use less variety of characters. At least the word must be composed of 8, although it is recommended that they have between 12 and 16 . According to the Helios7.com , “a 10-character password starting from the lowercase characters of the English keyboard only produces 141 billion options.”

Security experts recommend that you include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols in the password. Ideally, in addition, they do not follow any specific pattern, and should never use meaningful codes, such as the name of your mother or dog, your zip code, your anniversary date, etc.

Hackers guess more easily the words contained in the dictionary , so an excellent idea is to resort to sequences or mnemonics . “My dog ​​is called Cachorro, is 5 years old and is black” would become “MpslCt5ayen”.

Needless to say you should not reuse passwords , and even if you think that you have given the perfect password, you must change it every month. But how can I memorize so many codes? Forget to write them down on paper, let alone the notes blog. It uses a password manager, like LastPass , KeePass , 1Password

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