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How safe are smart (domotic) homes safe from hackers

Most of the Internet devices in the Things are outdated, so hackers could easily access domotic house

The Internet of Things is a new concept that refers to the digital interconnection of objects of daily life with the Internet. Although it may seem a rather strange and distant term, the Internet of Things is certainly more present than ever in our lives. An example is home automation or smart homes, those homes that turn on their lights without the need to push a switch, know when to turn on the heater or make the purchase when you are missing something in the refrigerator. But are they as sure as they make us believe?

How Safe are Smart Homes from Hackers?

Smart houses have dozens of devices, which are usually connected to each other via WiFi, infrared or Bluetooth. That is, the home is like a giant computer with programs and functions installed. Your degree of intelligence will, therefore, depend on how you program it.

Like any other computer, these devices can greatly improve our life, making it much easier and lighter. However, like anything that connects to the Web, it is in danger. Therefore, it is necessary to install a series of security measures, which would be updates, antivirus, and firewall on your PC.

The main problem is that most of these devices have the obsolete and outdated software, so it could be relatively easy for hackers to enter your entire home. The main brands usually renew their programs in a more or less periodic way, making available to the users the latest updates for their computers and smartphones. However, the same is not true of light systems, refrigerators or thermostats.

With this, we do not mean that hackers can easily overcome these protections, but that manufacturers must put their batteries if they do not want to be outdone by hackers. These are usually interested in data theft, and so they will not be interested in wasting time knowing that you lack milk in the refrigerator. However, having access to the security cameras, they can attack a larger scale, achieving their objectives more easily and more efficiently.

Although the biggest work here is the manufacturers, we can also do something to stop the attack of the pirates. The router is the most important device in every home, the one that hackers can access. It is in your hand to change the key for a new and more complex and limit the connections.

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