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Top 10 Channels to learn History on Youtube

Studying history has never been so easy and cheap. From the comfort of your sofa, lying in bed or in the park. Turn on your computer and go to the YouTube channel that interests you most

History students will see in these 10 channels the perfect help to pass all the exams of the race. Graduates will also be able to find interesting videos that will serve them in their  research or teaching task .

Your work has nothing to do with this field? Thanks to YouTube, you can also improve your knowledge, cultivate and learn much more about the History of Humanity.

Do not waste time and start learning for free, comfortable and simple:

1.  Channel History

This television channel also broadcasts its documentaries on Youtube, as well as explanatory videos that allow to know in depth the history.

2.  History to debate

This community was founded by Carlos Barros, a historian who brings up his history classes so that we can all learn together with his students. It also includes lectures, courses and debates between historians, some talks that bring great wealth to the channel.

3.  History narratives

The Empire of the Rising Sun, the Cold War, the Arrival of Man to the Moon, the City of Rock, the Spirit of the Olympic Games, etc. In this channel, coordinated by Diana Uribe, you will find an astonishing collection of videos and audios that cover the complete History.

4.  Cultopedia

Diana Uribe also directs this channel, in which you will find stories about international conflicts, civil wars, the history of Christmas, slavery, etc.

5.  Web Stories

This graduate in Ancient History, Prehistory and Archeology uploads videos periodically in which he explains and comments on a wide variety of topics and subjects. Do you want to learn easily? This is your channel.

6. Art  History

According to the channel itself, “Artehistoria is a private initiative dedicated to the creation of cultural contents through the use of state-of-the-art computer techniques, three-dimensional animations of cities, buildings and scenes of daily life to very high polygonization, with the creation of maps Evolutionary, compositional studies, digitalization of documents, etc. ”

7.  CGP Gray

This interesting channel explains the story in a simple and pleasant way, overcoming some of the most repeated myths. Want to know the story of Santa Claus? Take a walk around the royal families?

8.  Quotation with history

Pío Moa and Javier García are the creators of this fascinating channel, which will allow you to travel to the Franco regime, the World Wars or the time of the Inquisition. Do you like politics? Do not miss his explanatory videos on Basque or Catalan separatism.

9.  Paul Sargent

This institute professor specializes in European History and US Governments. Its channel, perfect for students, has been designed to help students overcome these issues.

10.  Discerning History

Learn the events that happened throughout history, understanding the motives that propitiated them and their influence in today’s society.

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