If you want to lose weight do not make these errors in the office

We tell you the mistakes you should not make in your office work if you want to lose weight to take care of your health and keep you in shape

Weight gain is one of the negative effects of staying long hours sitting, a stance you can not avoid when working in an office. However, there are small daily actions that serve to accompany gym routines or diets, even act on your body even if you do not take concrete measures. Pay attention to the mistakes you should not make in the office if you want to lose weight and implement them in your next working day.

Skip breakfast

Surely you heard it a million times but it is worth remembering: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skip it will deprive you of the energy necessary to face your day. To compensate for the lack, you will use snacks that could gain you some weight if it is chocolates or candy isolated. Bring fruit collars, almonds, cereals or gelatin to be prepared in case you have a craving.

Have lunch at the desk

Regardless of the type of food you choose for lunch , do not eat it at your desk or lose the attention needed to maintain a proper pace . You have to watch what you are eating to chew more slowly, being aware that you take time especially for lunch instead of performing this action in the background while you press keys.

Ingest carbohydrates

Moderate portions and low carbohydrates are the most conducive for weight loss, trying to include some raw vegetables. The color of the dish is synonymous with health because it indicates that there are several nutrients relating. Pasta or pizza will cause fatigue or lightening in the afternoon by lowering your productivity and encouraging you to devour a snack to inject the energy you lack.

Remain seated for more than 90 minutes in a row

Set a timer on your mobile every 60 or 90 minutes that reminds you to change position, stand up or do a little exercise routine. Drinking lots of water is an infallible technique not only to stay hydrated but to get up from your chair on the way to the bathroom . Try to move 5 to 8 times a day noting your weekly progress to track.

Avoid the stairs

Replacing the elevator by stairs is a task that will not work unless you have a will of steel. You will get tired in two days if you do not follow a gradual plan of action, especially if you work after the third floor. Instead, plug in your hearing aids and climb two flights a day to the beat of music without fear of being seen because most people use the elevator.

Wait for your home to work out

Try to perform a series of exercises while you are in your chair, no one will notice because they will be immersed in their computers. First stand with your back straight and lower your chair an inch to pretend you sat. It will be like doing a squat in the air for short seconds , plus turn your legs to lift straight in case your desk is high. You can also breathe deeply to lower your heart rate and improve your health, keeping you from stress.

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