How to burn more calories than you eat

Forget the days without eating and the eternal hours in the gym. There is an easy way to burn calories without hampering your daily routine

Most of us have a sedentary lifestyle . We get up, clean and travel to the university by car or public transport. There we sit for long hours, taking notes and listening to masterful lessons. When you get home, and after reviewing the agenda of the day, what you feel like most is lying on the couch to watch television, play some video game or simply rest. So how do we aim to lose calories?

Going to the gym once or twice a week is not enough to lose those extra pounds, lower your cholesterol levels and strengthen your muscles. If you want results, it is necessary to implement a daily routine of healthy habits.

  • It’s as easy as pushing the alarm clock one hour each morning . That fantastic time will be the ideal time to go for a walk, go swimming or cycling. Plus, as your friends and classmates will still be sleeping, you make sure no one bothers you during this me-time. When you get to the uni, you will feel energized, strong and strong.
  • Make the most of those free ratitos you have during the day , such as spaces between classes or mealtime. Join the college gym or any center near campus. After practicing some sport and relaxing with a warm shower, you will be prepared to follow the classes with maximum intensity.
  • Another trick you can implement to stay fit is to try to walk more . Why do not you get off a subway stop before you walk to the campus? You can also try to park as far as you can and move around in the neighborhood always walk when you stay with friends, make the purchase …
  • Needless to say you must control the diet , although with this I do not mean that you should start a diet of thinning. Eat everything in a healthy and balanced, but avoiding foods rich in fats and sweets. Stop frying and use the iron more, but above all, places in a privileged place the fruits and vegetables.
  • On weekends you should not stop your healthy exercise routine, although it is possible to vary it to suit your social life. Instead of staying with your friends to party, go to the movies or take something, you can propose alternative plans that require some physical effort. An afternoon of swimming, going to dance classes, hiking, playing football …

You already know the healthy habits that you must introduce in your day to day to lose calories, to lower the cholesterol and to feel, in the end, more healthy. Because being in shape does not depend on time or money, this summer, exercise.

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