Do you want to end your stress? Join the Shout Therapy

Shout Therapy, popularly known as Shout Therapy, will help you deal with stress, anxiety, frustration and bad thoughts.

All scientists agree that shouting is beneficial to health, as it reduces stress levels. But I do not mean to speak with voices, but to shriek as if it were your life in it. This practice, which your neighbors probably disapprove of, is known as Shout Therapy and is the trendiest trend.

Executives and entrepreneurs have for many years been the main followers of this therapy, although today there are several hotel centers that offer Shout Therapy among its portfolio of summer activities, making this trend much more accessible to the rest of the population. I, however, recommend that you practice it wherever and whenever you want, whenever you need it and the environment will allow it.

The scream therapy comes from India and aims to regulate the nervous system through our screams, thus being able to expel the accumulated tension and all the bad vibrations. I’m not recommending you scream like crazy whenever you get frustrated or stressed, but Shout Therapy should be understood as a preventative practice. Shouting in the mornings before leaving home will allow you to face the day with greater temperance, positivity, and calm. If you want, help your body and joint movements.

The contained anger can frustrate you, stress you and leave you completely sunken. However, thanks to Shout Therapy, you will be able to release endorphins, thus ending anxiety, anguish, pain and negative thoughts. It also lets you fly your most repressed instincts, being able to enjoy a pleasant sensation of calm, joy, happiness and well-being. Is not it worth a try?

The first thing you have to do is look for a quiet place where you can start therapy, this being a covered or outdoor space. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, becoming aware of your inhalations and your exhalations, to later think about everything that frustrates and annoys you. You have to visualize the problem but without it causing you negativity, just watching it as an external viewer. When you have it in your mind, place both hands on your chest and breathe deeply four more times. With the fourth exhalation, scream as hard as you can, lightly pressing your chest in the meantime. If you are already better, you can stop, although if you still feel anger, stress or anguish, you can repeat this therapy every time you see fit.

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