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Useful tips to learn a new language quickly and easily

As time passes and our career begin to demand it , we started to feel the need to know how to handle a second language to grow in the professional world . However, we always find an excuse that prevents us meet this goal: “I’m too big”, “I do not have time to go to class,” “I do not have much money to invest,” “I do not know where to start,” “me Seems too boring. ”

There are hundreds of excuses different why this learning procrastinate as necessary, many of which are actually completely false and self – imposed only for sabotage. You ‘ll have to deal with them and assess whether they really are real impediments or are you just putting sticks in your own wheel to prevent you move forward accordingly.

However, if the reason you put aside learning a second language is boredom, we must tell you that we have some solutions to give you.

Do you want to learn but traditional classes get bored? We bring you the best ways to learn a language:

1) Use applications

Easy, fast and completely intuitive. You can choose from a wide range of options, and start learning the language you want using your mobile. In each free moment you can enter and take a brief lesson, personalizing your learning and marking the schedules to your measure.

2) Watch series and movies

You may not receive a diploma at the end of the season, or you do not have to pass tests that evaluate your performance, but without a doubt you will learn a lot of new words and expand your vocabulary in a fast and fun way. The best of this method is that, taking advantage of the wide variety of themes in the films and series, you can learn vocabulary related to all types of areas.

3) Make language changes on your devices

You use the mobile a good part of the day, so if you take it as it should you can make sure you learn a lot by simply doing what you usually do. A great tip for this is to change the language of the applications you visit daily, as well as the menu of your mobile, to somehow force you to stay in touch with another language.

4) Use your everyday objects

Look for the translation of the name of your objects in another language and write them in tags, then place these tags in the corresponding object and so you will see every day an everyday element but with its name in English or French. It is a fast and fun way to learn to relate words to real objects.

5) Read the news

The great news of the International section is usually repeated from one medium to another, therefore, you can take advantage of this reality and use it to learn a language. One way to do this is, for example, read a piece of news in English from a particular American medium, and then look up its equivalent in Spanish and compare it to evaluate if we really understood the basics of the article. The advantage of this method is that the news is updated daily, and even with the course of the hours, so you will always have new material to learn.

6) Talk to natives

Perhaps you do not understand much at first, but speaking with native speakers of the language you want to learn will allow you to understand a little more about the phonetics of the language in question, and put the words you see on paper a more realistic tone. There are applications and websites that offer conversations and online chats with native speakers of all kinds of languages; But you can also opt for an even more fun option and take a trip to a foreign country where the language you want to learn is frequently spoken.

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