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Best environmental (Green) iphone apps

The NGO Global Footprint Network  has announced that on Wednesday, August 2, humanity exhausted the renewable natural resources available for 2017 , so that from that day on, every resource used will involve a debt to the planet. This organization calculates the so-called Earth Overshoot Day each year by comparing the total human resource consumption in a year (the ecological footprint) with the Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources (biocapacity).

What does this mean? That the way we live and consume must change if we want to make sure that the Earth can regenerate the resources indispensable for human life, such as air, water or good quality soils.

To this end, we can all carry out small daily actions to reduce damages on the planet, and at the same time become aware of the importance of recycling, reducing and reusing our waste. To make the task easier, we recommend 10 green apps that will help you take care of the planet and you should install it right now on your mobile:

1)  Negotiator

With information from the United Nations and a summary of your most important talks, publications and actions Regarding climate change, this app allows to know the real state of the planet. It is updated daily, so anyone who has it will be able to see how the damage progresses every day. It is expected that, with this information, Users begin to worry and take care of those small actions they can take to reduce or delay climate change.

2)  Climate

Climate brings together the most relevant news on environmental problems and presents them to the user, so that they can reflect on their actions. In addition, it allows to spread projects that seek to counter the damage in the planet, seeking financing and support to carry out.

3)  Earth Now

NASA, through its “Teirra Now” application, shows what happens on Earth’s surface highlighting data such as sea level or atmospheric carbon monoxide levels.

4)  GoodGuide By scanning

the barcode of some products this app can tell us how they affect our health and also how they damage the environment. In this way, the user can choose to consume those that cause minor damage.

5)  CleanSpace

Have you ever wondered if the air you breathe is healthy? With CleanSpace you can know this, because this app shows the quality of the air around you, whether in the workplace or at home. It also reveals the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when traveling by car from one place to another, reflecting how this affects the air we breathe.

6)  ecoGator

Can you imagine what contaminates the appliances we use every day? What can we do? When you stop using them is not an idea, and reducing their use is not enough, it is best to invest in appliances that are a little greener. EcoGator helps its users with this task by analyzing the energy label of the devices they plan to buy, this analysis will reflect their degree of energy efficiency and what they will spend on electricity once in use. This app was recommended by the European Commission because it promotes responsible consumption of electricity and saves energy and money while avoiding major damage to the planet.

7)  The Call of Nature

If you are the one who leaves the mobile charging more time than necessary this app will send you an alert warning you to disconnect your charger and save energy. Thus, you will spend less money and you will be a better ally for the planet.

8)  WWF Together

The WWF Foundation seeks to create a friendly bond between people and nature, and for this is dedicated to caring for the endangered species of hunters and those who threaten their habitat with the excessive use of resources That these species need to survive. With this app, users can experience interactive experiences with animals, which will allow them to better understand the reality of these protected species and thus foster their care and respect.

9)  EPA AIRNow

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides with this app air quality data of the area near the user, updating the information in real time so that they can plan their daily activities considering this factor. Its design is simple and the data is presented in a friendly way, such as a traffic light where the green color indicates a good air quality, yellow a moderate quality and red a totally negative quality and detrimental to health.

10)  IEnviroWatch

Thanks to information provided by the European Environment Agency (EEA), users of this app can access information on the state of the planet in Europe,

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