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Best Hacker Movies of All Time

Growing cyber threats and their sophistication have grabbed global attention with the spread of viruses like the Wanna Cry that infected thousands of systems of major companies in early 2017. The seventh art has explored the computer world since the 1980s and particularly since the decade of the 90s with the popularization of the Internet, whose possibilities awaken the curiosity about what will happen in the future when the Internet of things is present in every corner of smart cities, and there are incalculable amounts of hyper-connected data that can be violated. Get ready for what is coming to know your bases with these movies about hackers. Do not get caught unawares!

Best Hacker Movies

1. War Games (1983)

Air Force systems engineers in the United States believe that simulations of nuclear attacks must be automated because the military refuses to turn the key that releases the missiles. At the same time, a bright high school student hacks a series of games that have not yet been released and comes to a so-called thermonuclear World War that seems real because, in fact, it is: it had infiltrated the Air Force system without knowing it. Dealing with the robot, he adjudges the role of the Soviet Union and begins a deadly game when the United States thinks that it will receive an attack of that country.

2. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

It is about the life of the two m├ísximas figures in the computer world: Steve Jobs, co – founder and executive president of Apple, as well as shareholder Walt Disney Company and Bill Gates, founder of software giant Microsoft. The temporary tour goes from the 70s to the 80s, showing the encounters and disagreements in both their moments of the alliance but also the hunger for power.

3. EXISTENZ (1999)

A futuristic story that integrates virtual reality with biology, when you build organic video game consoles connected to a bio port to players’ spines. The biggest video game designer, Allegra Geller, will launch her latest creation called Existenz but is shot in the shoulder during a seminar and her plans are altered: it is possible that the only copy of the game kept inside itself has been damaged. Immediately unleashes a battle to hack the most important game in the world, kill Allegra or end forever with the surgical invasion – computer science.

4. Takedown (2000)

Based on the real life of the best-known hacker in the United States, Kevin David Mitnic, imprisoned repeatedly for violating the security of the country’s most compromising computers. At the beginning of the film Kevin is on parole, but his crimes have not yet ended because he plans to hack into the computer security system created especially for the government.

5. CitizenFour (2014)

A documentary about how US producer Laura Poitras receives an encrypted mail about illegal electronic practices of intelligence services, including the US National Security Agency. The email was titled Citizen Four and had been crafted by Edward Joseph Snowden, a former CIA agent who had proof of how these services filtered information from hundreds of millions of phone users around the world, invading their privacy. The encounters between both figures compose the film result that made history.

Top Hacker Movies

6. The Hacker – Threat in the network (2015)

High-tech computer crime endangers the well-being of the population, especially the Chinese and American nations. The governments of the powers must ally to get their best ethical hackers before the malicious ones achieve their goal. A combination of action with suspense that treats the cyber world while triggering a police narrative.

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