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Top Free Apps to speed up android tablet

The tablets allow flexibility, comfort and practicality simply by its design, that allows to stay connected in any environment. However, when these do not work well all the benefits they provide disappear … Is your tablet going too slow? Does not work at all well? Quiet, we have a list of apps to recommend and make it work faster.

Before telling you which applications will save you from this problem, you should know that the most common reason why tablets become slower is the bad practice of constantly installing and deleting applications. So, the first thing you must do to make this stop happening is to avoid this mistake.

Now, these are the applications that will make your tablet work faster:

1)  Clean Master

It will delete all the trash left in your device and remain there even if you do not see it, you will recommend uninstalling those applications that you forgot and no longer use but occupy space in the memory of your tablet, will completely disappear the search histories and everything that Ask him … Anyway. It will leave your equipment like new.

2)  AVG Antivirus

It is an antivirus but it is not just an antivirus. In addition to keeping you free of threats, this app will eliminate all those threads that our tablet tends to perform when we ask for a task, and that only serve to slow it down. To make matters worse, it has a duplicate file detector with which you can delete all that you have saved twice.

3)  DU Speed ​​Booster

The speed of DU Speed ​​Booster ensures that the response time of any application will be reduced by half. Thus, not only accelerates the tablet but also is responsible for making faster the same applications.

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