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How to speed up my old computer for free

We explain simple tricks for your old computer to run like new spending little money

After a time of use the electronic devices are slowed down and their functions are affected, interrupting your work, study or leisure. The following tricks for your old computer will get you to act faster without paying a service or investing a small sum of money to get the most out of it.

1. Desktop

Surely you read it a million times but it’s always good to remember: the desktop should not be the box where you keep important files to find them quickly. Its function is far from being a storage space, so it erases as many elements as possible to achieve speed at power up and shutdown.

2. Archives

Do you still store photos, videos or documents on your hard drive? The cloud was created just to free up hardware and optimize performance , so take advantage of it. You will avoid taking up unnecessary space if you transfer the information to a virtual storage, remembering to choose the most important files to back them up in a pen drive.

3. Cleaning

The programs follow the same logic as a pair of pants: if you did not use them in a year you hardly need them again . Just as you pack the clothes in your closet that no longer serve or bore you, it removes the software you did not open in a considerable time because it is probably kept closed. Useless programs, more speed.

4. Cables

Checking the cables that connect your computer is essential to prevent it from getting burned, as it often does not take into account the wear of the hardware that functions as a power source for your daily computer activities. Unless you have knowledge of electronics, it is convenient that you go to a computer store where they take a look to verify their status.

5. Memory and disk

Upgrading RAM will cost you money though it will be worth it if you are looking for your computer to be ready. On the other hand, the hard disk of computers with a certain age is usually HDD that corresponds to the well-known hard disk, somewhat less fast than its smaller brother SSD , the new disk in solid state own of the most modern computers.

6. Operating system

Reinstalling it is an option that requires money but is most appropriate when the computer is several years old or its speed is still slow even when you take action. They will remove all the data to return a computer to the point, so you will have to make backups of what you want to keep.

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