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What are the best ways to use your old computer

If you think your PC is a solution and you are thinking of throwing it, you will reconsider your decision after knowing all the options to reuse your old computer . Video game, film or photography fans will find an ally in the team they thought was lost, as well as those who require storage space or a control system over their home.

1. Home network

Your old computer will be storing all the devices you use if you connect them to each other through the configuration of a home network. You can back up your files that will go directly to the memory of the old computer from phones, tablets and other computers.

2. Projector for living room

Place the computer in the living room of your house or in your room making it a movie screen ready to use whenever you want to play videos, movies on DVD or run downloaded files that require minimal or no Internet activity. In this way, you will not load the new computer that you acquire and you will avoid problems with the viruses in the execution of those files.

3. Digital Framework

There are tutorials on the Internet to disassemble the computer and transform the screen into a digital frame where you expose your best photos. The screen will have to be placed in a frame and the rest of its components will go behind, a task that seems difficult but is relatively simple if you follow a good tutorial or pay for a service. Remember to download a frame software when the artifact is ready, so you will ensure an excellent reproduction of your images.

4. Game server

Install the server software of your favorite games making sure you do it from the official website. You will build private games that, due to the characteristics of an old home computer, will probably allow you to gather up to 3 or 4 players, perfect for your group of close friends. You can even download retro games like Indiana Jones or the glorious FIFA 99 that formed the basis of many football video games.

5. Surveillance

When you need to control your home, pets or children, the old computer is a good video surveillance system if you download the open source iSpy application compatible with Windows. Its use is free when the control is carried out from the own home, but in case of needing a remote surveillance you will have to pay monthly a cost of approximately 10 dollars.

6. Spare Parts

Parts such as fans, hard drive, memory, CD-ROM or power supplies are excellent spare parts for the computer you plan to buy. Open the old machine and save it or hire a technical service to do it if you do not understand the hardware.

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