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10 free online Microsoft Azure courses for IT career students

Learn about free online Microsoft Azure courses with beginner and intermediate level for students and professionals in IT careers

Companies and organizations require professionals capable of moving services to the cloud or developing applications that are managed from there. Microsoft Azure is an integrated collection of cloud services to meet business demand, enabling the creation of a virtual infrastructure. If you are a professional IT or you study a technological career, you should take the free online courses of Microsoft Azure to learn how to handle the different tools offered by the product, ensuring your competitiveness in the market.

1. Azure Active Directory from scratch  – Beginner level

You will learn how to operate Azure Active Directory that allows you to manage all Azure services, being the fundamental basis for developing you in the cloud.

2. Extend local directories to the cloud: Azure AD Connect  – Beginner level

You will apply the Azure AD Connect tool to integrate local directories and activities of an organization in the cloud, ensuring their permanence without taking up space on hardware.

3. Application development in the cloud – Intermediate level

It is an introduction to the development of cross-platform apps using Azure and proposing hands-on exercises for Azure mobile devices, Microservices or Data Service.

4. Azure Data Analytics for Developers – Intermediate level

It explains the basis of automated learning using Azure Machine Learning, ideal for data analysis professionals who require the use of predictive tools.

5. Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android with Azure Storage  – Intermediate level

You will create a table from iOS as well as an image container in Azure Storage, later developing an Android app to download the files stored there.

6. Create apps for iOS and Android connected to Azure Storage  – Intermediate level

The course was broadcast live in January 2017 but the recording remains open for those wishing to learn how to develop applications on iOS and Android that connect to Azure Storage. The videos offer demonstrations of the use of maps, location and camera.

7.  Azure courses: Hybrid Cloud Workloads and SQL – Intermediate level

An approach to the options to create SQL databases in Azure, showing its characteristics and advantages in the implementation for public cloud or hybrid.

8. Microsoft Azure Basics: Virtual Machines  – Intermediate Level

You will develop and connect to virtual machines or networks while exploring the Microsoft infrastructure, understood as a business service.

9. Empower your infrastructure with the cloud  – Intermediate level

You will acquire the necessary notions to build an infrastructure within Azure that allows you to run your apps or services.

10. Windows Azure Pack: Databases as a Service  – Intermediate Level

Windows Azure Pack is a collection of Microsoft Azure technologies to meet the business requirements of greater ease and flexibility in accessing the cloud, as well as the ability to serve as many customers as possible.

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