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Top 10 cyber crime prevention tips

Both users and companies will face a series of cybersecurity frauds committed by criminals who, if they achieve the desired access, could cause great problems with personal or corporate information found.

This trend began in 2016, which gave rise to professionals who are dedicated to protecting digital information. However, cybercriminals will not stop and will continue to perfect their techniques to cause more and more damage.

Faced with this reality, it is important to know about the types of cyber crimes which can expose serious security breaches in you company.

Let us first analyze list of top 10 cyber crimes which are spreading fast 

1) Ransomware

This type of malware dominated 2018 and will continue to grow this year. The most common ransomware actions are to block access to part of files or devices, asking for money in return to solve it. To avoid this, it is advisable to constantly update the software of the devices, make backup copies of the files and have control over the accesses.

2) Malware infections without file

This method sends a code that directly affects the RAM, which can be harmful. The biggest problem is that it is not easily detectable, so it takes the advice of an expert to combat it.

3) Maladvertising

This type of malware is sent through advertising messages, in which links are introduced to download files or visit sites that have the harmful software.

4) DDoS Attacks

This has been one of the most commented crimes of the year since it affected big companies like Twitter and Spotify, whose security equipment was completely useless in the face of these threats. The problem is that it cripples the servers so that the users can not access its contents, thus causing millionaire losses for the companies.

5) Things Internet

Wearables, intelligent televisions, autonomous cars … Elements created to “facilitate” life but could seriously complicate it in the case of being victims of DDoS attacks or being infected with some malware. So this year cybercriminals will be especially focused on attacking this type of devices.

6) Artificial Intelligence

Digital criminals will see it as one of their biggest targets because if they manage to violate their systems, they can attack large companies around the world. Therefore, the same creation of AI devices and elements should focus on protection and security, thinking the way a criminal would do to be able to prevent before having to start regretting.

7) Malicious HTTP traffic

Without an HTTPs protocol to encrypt information, any digital criminal could add all kinds of malware to these systems. Even when the encryption exists there have been cases of premeditated infection, which will surely be repeated this year.

8) Phishing

7 out of 9 security crimes in 2016 were linked to Phishing, which can be defined as an impersonation of another person or company to access personal data that allow access to economic resources or valuable information.

9) Spearfishing

This type of Pishing uses web pages and emails to access information of value, appealing to the confidence of the user. It is important to separate and define this subtype of Pishing due to the wide range that currently has the mobile to facilitate access to internet and email accounts.

10) Information in the cloud

It is increasingly common to see that mobiles are used to support content in the cloud so that hackers not only could damage the device in question but also the content that has stored in the cloud.

How to Protect yourself from top five computer crimes & how to protect yourself from them

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