How to find best Electric Car Lease in the UK?

The popularity of electric cars is increasing day by day, therefore, they are increasingly in demand due to the numerous advantages it offers. These vehicles are gaining ground and will slowly take over traditional cars running on Petrol/Diesel.

More and more cities are advancing in their commitment to sustainability, and reduction of greenhouse gases and particles. Many of the large corporations are investing in providing charging points for electric vehicles to make it easier to recharge the batteries. Along with big cities, small towns are also committed to new technologies so that more and more people can change to 0-emission transportation.


Electric cars are those that have a fully electric motor empowered by rechargeable batteries. According to studies, they are three times more efficient than traditional cars. Electric cars are different from hybrid cars as they have both electric and combustion engines.


  • Cars that are fully electric and emit zero emission. This makes them best car in terms of being environmental friendly.

  • Electric cars are less noisy than traditional cars.

  • They consume less than gasoline cars, since they need less energy for the same route. This also results in greater economic savings.

  • These cars come with more space, since there are no gears which makes plenty of room for free space.

  • Electricity is cheaper than gasoline

  • Electric cars break down less, since you don’t have to change filters or liquids. Therefore, it results in lower maintenance charges.
  • Electric cars can make use of the bus / VAO lane. In addition, for this type of cars it is completely free to park in the blue zone in the big cities

Leasing Electric Cars in the UK

Leasing Electric cars is slowly becoming a trend where travelers prefer to rent electric car over traditional cars to get best experience while driving. Leasing is also becoming one of the most popular ways to finance motor vehicles in the UK. There are variety of packages to suit everyone depending on their specific motoring requirements, from limited mileage to higher one-off fees in exchange for lower monthly payments; and with monthly installments often being less than any other kind of motor finance, it makes premium brands more accessible.

We at Voltzleasing offer best personal electric car leasing with wildest range of energy efficient electric cars. You will get best rates for these vehicles and you can have best driving experience during your vacation.


We want to make your transition from a fossil fuel vehicle to an electric one as smooth as possible, that’s why we are on hand to answer your questions and lay your fears to rest.

If you currently drive/own an electric vehicle, you already familiar with the benefits of having an electric powertrain in your car or van. Whether you are looking for an upgrade of your current vehicle or looking for best leasing deals do visit us for best electric car lease deals. With contract lengths ranging from one to four years, we are sure to find the electric vehicle ideal for your circumstances.

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