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Does your sleep affect weight loss how does it works ?

Discover how the hours that you devote to sleep influence, and in what way, your weight.

Good sleep is essential. You have heard this phrase a thousand times, but now we are going to give you one more reason to rest the hours you need: sleeping helps to lose weight.

Well, sleep well is essential, both in the growth of the smallest and for adults, because the rest helps to regenerate the cells quickly.

The recommended hours of rest can never be less than seven and not more than nine. If you sleep fewer hours and are accustomed to physical exercise, the muscles fail to regenerate and therefore do not recover. So that you can continue to practice physical exercise and develop muscle properly, you must sleep more than 7 hours.

Also when the break is inappropriate, we eat worse the next day, since we are tired, which is often confused with the feeling of hunger. Also, we are, more willing to not respect the schedules of the meals.

It can happen, sometimes, that some days that you do not sleep enough and you do not respect the schedules, nothing happens.

However, if you prolong it over time, our body reacts by looking internally for the energy necessary to make the fatigue disappear instead of fulfilling the function of burning the fat and transforming it into energy.


In fact, when sleeping less than 7-9 hours the production of 2 hormones involved in thinning is altered:

Ghrelin, which stimulates the appetite, when you sleep a little, is produced in greater quantity.

Leptin, which sends the signal to our brain that we are full. In this case, its production decreases.

When we are deprived of sleep, ghrelin levels increase, and leptin levels decrease. Lack of sleep can also activate the hormone cortisol, which encourages our body to store abdominal fat.

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