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The dangerous effects of Aerated Drinks on your body

It was born as a syrup to relieve stomach ache, but today nobody doubts that it is the most popular and international drink of all time. Never controversial, Cola companies has written hundreds of thousands of articles and has been the subject of study for scientists and nutritionists, who have often doubted about their health. But so far no one has been busy studying exactly what happens when you take a can. Step by step, minute by minute. Caffeine, sugars, acids … The analysis has been run by the pharmacist Niraj Naik, who has analyzed the first sixty minutes after taking a can. And the results are somewhat disturbing. This is what happens to your body When you enjoy a refreshment of this type.

How Your Happy Meals affect your Body : You Un-Happy Meals consists of both Junk Food combined with Aerated Drink.

The first conclusion is that, at 10 minutes, you force your body to process the amount of sugar indicated to ingest throughout the day, about ten tablespoons. But you do it at once, without allowing your body to react gradually. At 20 minutes, all that sugar triggers insulin levels, and the liver begins to work in forced marches, transforming into fat as much glucose as possible.

Time passes and, at 40 minutes, it is caffeine that begins to alter other levels of the body. Blood pressure and nervousness increase as your pupils dilate and your liver continues to pump sugar.

Five minutes later, the body begins to segregate dopamine creating a sensation of automatic pleasure that will be diluted with the passage of the hours. And finally, one hour after finishing the soda, the time will come for the final absorption in the small intestine, when phosphoric acid, calcium, magnesium, and zinc will pass through the last organ of the body, which will eliminate us In the urine.

Although what is most worrisome to the expert is a specific compound, fructose: “I have discovered that a detonating agent of frequent diseases like obesity, heart problems, and diabetes is the consumption of this substance, present in many foods and beverages processed in the form of corn syrup, “he says. In short, a festival of extreme alterations that put the body to the limit of its capabilities and that, until now, nobody had been busy to reveal step by step. And this is what happens when you drink it but, what goes through the head to those who spray it to tan?

In short, you should always drink Aerated Drinks in moderation. Avoid them as far as possible.

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