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Top 5 Beach Sports for speed and agility

Exercising on the beach is a great way to keep fit while on vacation. Are you more of sand than of water? You will love beach volleyball and Speedminton! Two summer sports that allow a uniform tan and tone the muscles that were hibernating during the colder months.

1. Beach volleyball.

One of the best to do a lot of exercise without giving yourself an account. Run from side to side, throwing yourself for the ball, throwing it to the opposite field with outstretched arms, jump to the top, bend to get better, etc. With this beach sport, the deep muscles of the body are put into action, so it is a safe bet if you want to achieve a shapely silhouette at the end of the vacation.

2. Paddle Surf

The most fashionable among the celebrities is that it is a super complete sport that allows you to work your arms, abs, and thighs while toning your back. It also improves balance and cardio exercise that allows us to do. Also, this sport has proven to be an excellent way to burn calories. With the right training and striving to the maximum, we can lose around 1000 kcal/hour.

3. Speedminton

With this beach version of badminton, the legs, shoulders, and arms are especially exercised, even the chest is firm! And since it is a very fun sport, we will not have time to get bored, or we will realize the great effort we are making. So, after playing about 30 minutes, we will have burned a lot of calories, worked intensely muscles, and we can catch our breath.

4. Running in the sand

Running in the sand on the beach has more advantages than doing it in the city. Firstly the sand makes it more complicated to stride, so we make more effort and burn more calories. It is also good for joints; the impact is less than if you do running on asphalt, so your knees will suffer less.

5 Swimming.

We know that you are going to say that it is obvious, but it is that it is the best exercise of all the possible ones in vacations. Swimming, especially the breaststroke, is ideal for strengthening the muscles of the back and shoulders, which often pay little attention. Make yourself with short fins that allow you not only to move better and faster in the water, but also to intensify the hardness of the movements and, therefore, to get in shape faster.

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