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Skills required to become an ethical hacker?

Hacker is one of the most attractive professions for young people today, so in this news, we share the skills needed to achieve this profile

He Information and Communication Technologies sector is growing at a constant pace, so companies and universities know that the world will need more and more of these professionals. In the case of Spain, this sector employs more than 42,000 workers and grows at an annual rate of 12%, according to data from the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCITE).

One of the most important areas in the sector is data protection, however, for young people today the most attractive is just the opposite: a large percentage of millennials dream of being hackers.

In Spain, Kaspersky Lab conducted a study in which it concluded that 66% of young people under 25 believe that the skills of hackers are enviable. Also, the same study revealed that 18% of respondents would like to use this knowledge to carry out “unclear and almost illegal” activities.

What does a Hacker do?

We can say that a Hacker is a professional with great skills in computing, thanks to which can solve problems or access data that are protected and therefore not visible to those who do not possess such computer skills.

Its purpose is to discover weaknesses, either in a computer network or a computer and then perform technical changes in that device. Its intentions to realize these changes can be positive or negative, because although it is associated with this one with a profession that touches the criminal thing, also exist Hackers that put their knowledge to the service of companies and organizations of security of all type.

What ae the Skills Needed to be Hacker ?

It is difficult to establish a list of specific skills that should have a Hacker, as these change over time as technology advances and causes certain skills to become essential and others obsolete. However, we can mention a few.

  1. The first thing you need is the desire to learn, simply because you can not wait to get to an academy and expect them to teach you the techniques to access private data, but you must learn it on your own. Also, constant changes in technologies make Hackers require constant learning to keep up to date.
  2. Knowledge of English language, as most of the manuals and resources, are in this language.
  3. Know about operating systems and their uses, especially on Microsoft and Linux or Unix are the most used.
  4. Be familiar with the hardware requirements necessary for the tasks you intend to carry out.
  5. Manage some programming languages. It is advisable to start with the simplest ones, such as Phyton, but then try to learn Java, HTML, etc. This is fundamental to think of navigation problems in general, without depending on a specific language.
  6. Understand cyber security measures, such as firewalls. For this, there are very complete online materials.
  7. Knowledge of the laws of each country and the limits that can be crossed, as well as those that will imply a penalty or punishment.
  8. Know how to manage internet resources, managing to navigate online like a real professional.
  9. Join a community of Online Hackers to share knowledge.

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