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Discover why being an ethical hacker is one of the jobs most valued by companies

Discover why being a hacker is one of the jobs most valued by companies

If you are interested in the world of hackers, but you have denied the possibility of working in the area because you think that nobody would hire a hacker, we bring you good news: hackers are the most valuable workers for large companies. Although their activity is related to wrongfulness, we explain why hackers are necessary when they render their services ethically.

What is an ethical hacker?

These are hackers who work for companies attacking their computer systems to determine what their vulnerabilities are so that they can be strengthened and avoid the malicious attack by a black hat hacker. The difference between white hat hackers and black hat hackers is the purpose pursued by their activity: the former work to block the latter, while they act illegally to steal or modify information.

Black hat hackers can conduct computer-based attacks on students, but also as professionals, with implications ranging from the loss of privacy of an individual exposed on the network to obtain valuable government or financial information. Its opponents, try to get ahead to avoid that the crime is consumed, so the real fight is between white hat hackers and black hat hackers.

An ethical hacker will apply all of his knowledge in computer security to perform tests on systems, devices or networks and report their failures to the developers of the platforms to avoid the action of black hat hackers. These tests are called “penetration tests” to fix possible configuration errors. Their obligation is to produce reports to take action on this, instead of taking advantage of the ignorance of others regarding the problems of a system.
Why should companies hire hackers?

Those who use their knowledge in computer security to cause damages are usually grouped in organizations that take of when teams of homes or small businesses through virus zombies to manipulate them like robots that fulfill their orders. The ruse serves to guide a few teams to a government system or a large company and collapsing and taking advantage of the distraction to commit major computer crimes, often linked to financial statements or databases.

The companies that receive the most attacks are those linked to money, such as banks. However, their strengthened financial systems make black hat hackers try to vulnerate the system from users because they have less information about it. Bad current-day security practices make it easier for hackers to work, and it makes it difficult for white-hat hackers to find alternatives so that users-customers themselves do not endanger the company.

Competition often uses the “industrial hack” to see how a company operates and imitate the actions that most favor them. Employee training to prevent computer attacks is critical to safeguarding information – the treasure of the 21st century – as well as hiring hackers to maintain the security of a system that is likely to collapse with increasingly sophisticated interventions: Solutions advance, but also problems.

Ethical Hackers work in Bank, Security Services and many other sectors where security is kept on top priority.

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