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Hackathon is the term used to meet programmers specializing in the design and development of short-term software solutions. Although most of these events usually have a duration of one or two days, there have also been cases of concentrations that last up to a week. But what are the most important hackathons in the world?
Let’s start by saying that a hackathon is a concept that joins the terms hacker and marathon, although these encounters can also be known as “hack day,” “hack fest” or “code-fest”. This concept began to be used in the late 90’s, although it has not been until the last lustrum that the hackathons have achieved the success that they deserve.
According to Hackathon Spain, only 840 of these events were organized worldwide last year. The forecasts, moreover, are quite optimistic about this, as it is estimated that this figure will increase by 5% each year.

AngelHack is the largest hackathon competition in the world, having held more than 150 hackathons in just four years. In Europe, this meeting will take place on July 15 and 16 in London, but you can also travel to India, Taipei, Jaipur, Jakarta, Dubai, São Paulo, San Pedro Sula, Santiago, Mexico City, Silicon Valley, Honolulu, New York, Cincinnati, Seattle or Austin if you want to participate.

However, the Space Apps Challenge is also worth highlighting. The world’s largest hackathon was hosted by NASA from April 22 to 24, 2016. Although the headquarters of the event was located in California, the gathering had delegations at 193 headquarters in 72 countries around the world.

Has any other company made other important hackathons? The social network Facebook, for example, has already held 50 of these events. In some of these concentrations, some of the basic pillars of the company were devised, such as the “Like” button or the chat.

And if we travel to our country, what are the cities that most hackathons organize in Spain? The ranking does not present great surprises since within the top5 are located Catalonia, Madrid and Basque Country. These three communities are accompanied by Galicia and Andalusia.

Last year took place rallies organized by Vueling, Google, SEAT, Telefonica and the University Jaume I of Castellón, although many have been events that have taken place so far during this 2017 in Spain: Ze.Hackathon, Hackathon Madrid Change, Legal Hackathon Madrid, Open Hackathon Public Ideatón 100 ideas_zgz, NASA Space Apps Challenge Albacete, BRAGI Recruiting-Hackathon, Expedia Partner Hackathon, II Hackathon National Health, HackatH2On Aigues de Barcelona, ​​FastHackathon by Altran, Talent Hackathon KPMG, Hackathon Mobility BCN, code EINA 2017, FS CodeWeekend, hack Atri ps and Santander Talent Discovery, which took place on April 4 at the headquarters of Banco Santander.

Hackathons have proven to be highly effective tools for companies and professionals, although more universities should also convene such events to promote the institution itself, connect students and improve their academic achievements linked to the branch of innovation.

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