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Best Selectivity Apps for Iphone

Selectividad is here, it's time to intensify the studies and you can do nothing more and nothing less than with your iPhone because everything you need for this test is in the palm of your hand

Studying a lot is the best advice we can give you to face the imminent arrival of Selectividad. Thinking about what you want to achieve is fundamental, considering that today’s effort will be reflected in what you will achieve tomorrow when you can dedicate yourself to doing what you love so much.

If studying is a problem, you do not find enough time to concentrate and focus on the book in front of you, or the routine does not allow you to make room for reading, this note is definitely for you. The facilities offered by technology can be practically applied in all areas, and study is no exception .

With your iPhone , preparing the Selectivity will be one step. You can take advantage of any free time of the day to review with your smartphone what you should know to shine in the most anticipated test of the year. The rest of the work or the trip by underground to your house will no longer be wasted time, now you can take advantage of those little moments to prepare for the Selectividad with these apps of your iPhone .

1)  Selectivity Guide

From recommendations to avoid or fight the nerves to calendars and lists that allow you to organize all the steps leading up to the great test, everything is in this app. So that you do not forget anything and have everything in the palm of your hand, this Guide orders everything you say but also tells you about the different professions and careers that you can follow. In addition, it allows you to access the court notes of all the universities so you have all the material you need before deciding what you are going to aim for.

2)   Humi Selectivity

If you are thinking of joining a subject in Humanities like Philosophy, History or Language, this app can not miss. While the general applications may also be useful, this allows you to test and question your knowledge of humanities and check the results instantly. If you have a free moment, you can evaluate how much you know about that subject in which you felt like a know-it-all and check if it really is or if you still need to go over it a bit more.

3)  Support Classes

While it is recommended to prepare high school exams, it also serves for Selectivity. It contains different tests from previous years with your exercises already solved, to give you an idea of ​​the tone of the questions and requirements of each test, but also so you know what things you should know without fail. Comparing tests from different years you can analyze the questions or recurring topics, and thus make sure you prepare them well. If you use it wisely and give it the necessary time, it can be very useful.

4)   Study!

For those who spend more time playing on the mobile or sending messages than studying. This application promises to alert you when you spend too much time doing what you should not rather than take advantage of your study moments. Mothers and grandmothers would recommend you drink mint tea or eat chocolate, but in the age of technology your own iPhone can make you focus more than any food.

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