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The Millennials, the generation stressed, unhappy and with self-esteem problems

The writer and motivator Simon Sinek makes the best reflection you have ever heard about the Millennials. They are the young people who currently move the wheels of the world, but they are also a generation that is stressed, unhappy and with self-esteem problems.

Simon Sinek  has become world famous since the arrival on social networks of an intervention of his speaking of the generation Millennial in Inside Quest. For the expert, these young people born after 1984 form a generation that is stressed, unhappy and with problems of self-esteem . The blame? Certainly, not them.

BEST SPEECH EVER – Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Generation Y people, another way of calling it, have a strong lack of self-esteem , as well as not having the necessary mechanisms to deal with stress. Why? Fundamentally for the education they have received, since most of them grew up thinking that they would have a good life and would get everything they wanted. Adulthood has shown them that reality is not as idyllic as their parents, teachers and communities taught them.

10 Rules of Success from Simon Sinek

But key is the use of technology . Simon explains that the interaction with mobiles and social networks releases a chemical in the brain called dopamine. This same neurotransmitter is the one that also makes us feel good when we smoke, drink or bet. Needless to say, it is highly addictive .

Society has created a generation, the Millennial, that does not know how to deal with stress, anxiety or social relationships. These young people, when they have a problem or feel insecure, do not call a friend or talk to their parents. They take refuge in social networks and video games, just as an alcoholic resorts to the bottle to escape from reality. Quite serious, right?

Science has shown that people who spend more time on Facebook suffer higher rates of depression.

The key, therefore, is not to unsubscribe in all social networks or forget the smartphone, but find a proper balance between the digital and the real world.

But, in addition, the Millennial have been raised in an instant reward world . Do you want to watch a movie? You do not have to wait until they put it in the movies in your neighborhood. That fashion series? You can have it all and see it in one day. Do you need to buy? Thanks to Amazon, you can have it at home in just 1 hour. Now, thanks to technology, they do not need to know how to connect, since there are applications for it.

The problem arises when they have to face the strengths in relationships and job satisfaction , two aspects that still do not have app. They want a quick ascent, achieve their short-term goals and be appreciated by all their peers. The patience is not your strong suit , so a generation is doomed to unhappiness and perpetual dissatisfaction .

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