How to Detect and Remove Zombie Virus

We tell you what zombie viruses are and how to fight them to prevent your computer from being controlled by hackers

Cyber ​​attacks are a common currency in a world where all our data is recorded on a virtual plane. Protecting your computer from potential malware or malicious software is essential if you want to maintain the privacy of your information including your card’s PIN or financial data. The zombies virusesare a form used by hackers to network control and cover operations. Find out how to fight them in the next article.

What are zombie viruses?

A cybercrime infects massively hostile machines that function as hostages to invade other teams in which they are interested, usually from large organizations or corporations. Your computer becomes an automaton that complies with the will of a third party while you make regular use of its functions. The goal is to build a network of terminals to perform operations without being discovered, through third-party machines.

The hacker acquires the right of administrator but its presence is invisible to your eyes since it is programmed to happen unnoticed as long as possible. The more you delay in noticing that your computer is part of a botnet – understood as a set of computer robots whose author controls through remotely connected servers -, the easier the work of the person who invaded your PC.

How do I know if my computer is infected with a zombie virus?

There are some clues that can approach a response, taking into account that the attack is not specifically to you but are performed on a massive scale and any vulnerable computer can connect to a botnet. A common symptom is that your server probably collapses because it takes time to be controlled by third parties, it slows down its functioning as cybercriminals manipulate your processor or the computer takes a long on-off.

It may restrict downloading of updates, sending messages from your email without your consent , loading your inbox with spam or deleting your contact list as well as adding new ones. Another indication is that the browser closes unexpectedly, the hard disk is consumed quickly even when you do not load it or the computer makes noise if you are not using it, possibly because of the energy expenditure involved in manipulating the hacker.

What if my computer is infected with zombie virus?

The most logical solution is to keep your antivirus with its latest update . You can also appeal to a firewall that will shield the network traffic, or directly format the computer and reinstall the operating system. An alternative to not lose the data in case it is still recoverable, is to use some of the following tools specifically created to combat zombie viruses:

Malicious Software Removal Tool : Recognizes and removes threats by reversing the changes they produce.

Malwarebytes anti-malware : it eliminates the code that damages the performance of your computer.

Spybot Search & Destroy : blocks malware while giving you anti-virus protection.

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