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Apple to introduce MicroLed on devices by late 2017

The MicroLed technology that Apple will incorporate by the end of 2017 will improve energy efficiency and resolution on your devices

Apple is known for being at the forefront of electronic device design, which will revolutionize the technology of the coming years when MicroLed is introduced by the end of 2017, although there are versions that point to 2019. The new technology will have a direct impact on the design of Devices, particularly of the mobiles and the conception that we have on them at the moment. Energy efficiency and screen resolution is just the tip of the iceberg of the innovations that will bring this innovation.

What is MicroLed?

It consists of a microscopic version of the LEDs that we know today, which will allow to achieve greater brightness, increase energy efficiency and increase screen resolution through improved colors as well as pixels. The devices will be thinner as well as light allowing the creation of various consumer products. The backlight will be removed as no backlight is required.

How will the MicroLed affect the design of the devices?

The touch functions can be included in the body of the device , deriving in a mobile whose front face is entirely screen and the buttons on the sides of the device are removed. MicroLed technology has the potential to fit curved designs that will flood the future.

Where will the MicroLed be applied ?

Probably the first device developed with this technology is Apple Watchspreading quickly into iPhone, iPad and even virtual reality glasses that require a fair size of pixels to achieve credibility in the user’s immersion. Physically, the development site of this technology is the company’s laboratory in Taiwan.

Will the iPhone 8 be manufactured with MicroLed?

We will have to wait to see the devices made with this new technology, which will not be appreciated on the  iPhone 8 as it will incorporate a giant OLED screen similar to that seen in Samsung Galaxy S8. However, OLED screens bring us closer to features that MicroLed will imitate, such as enhancing its dark colors, improving the viewing angle or styling of the device favoring the image proportions.

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