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Secret Holiday Destinations in Spain

Maybe you did not know them, but they sure surprise you. Here are the ten secret holiday destinations and locations of Spain that you will love.

We all like the secret corners, those that seem to be the most typical tourist guides, which we proudly teach our friends and relatives when they come to visit because only we know. Who says we and four other people say, although the truth is that with this Internet is becoming more complicated to keep the exclusive of places.

Be that as it may, we ask you to tell us what your secret corner was in the “Best of Spain” campaign and, with all your answers, we have compiled this list with the ten best secret corners of Spain. Did you all know them already?

1. Caminito del Rey, Málaga, Andalusia – Top Secret Holiday Destination in Spain

A few years ago the Caminito del Rey was a dangerous path not too popular beyond the Andalusian borders, but its recent restoration and reopening have surely turned it into the secret corner of the least secret of all that leads this article. It is so much the expectation that has generated this path of vertigo that there is the waiting list to realize it, and it is not short precisely. Worth? Those who have already traveled have said yes, that the beautiful view of the Guadalhorce Dam and its suspension bridge of more than 100 meters deserve it. Judging by the general enthusiasm, they must be right.

2. Albarracín, Teruel, Aragón – Among top 10 Secret Spots in Spain

The village of Albarracín is a monument in itself. It was declared a National Monument in the early sixties, a title that would later add the Gold Medal to merit in the Fine Arts and, perhaps soon, add the World Heritage. In the list of proposals of UNESCO is. With such a curriculum, its thousand inhabitants can be more than proud to wake up in it every day. Tranquility, beauty and the aroma of the rich cuisine of the land is what you will breathe if you venture to walk the streets of this place.

3. The Jewry of Cordoba, Andalusia – Best Secret Spot Spain

Córdoba Jewry is one of the best-preserved tattoos of the golden era of this important Andalusian city, where the culture was like Pedro by his house, the same in which Moors, Christians, and Jews lived together in peace and harmony. Today declared a World Heritage Site; the Judería de Córdoba is one of its most visited neighborhoods. The whiteness of its narrow streets and the shadows they give, make it a delight to stroll in both winter and summer. Surely Alfonso X El Sabio would be proud to have been chosen one of the best secret corners of Spain.

4. Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz, Andalusia – Secret Locations in Spain

Like a pearl in the sun on top of a mountain shines Vejer de la Frontera. This charming town is bathed by the waters of the Barbate River, which is only eight kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean itself. And is that not everything is going to kitesurf and beach in Cadiz. As this locality makes clear the old flag helmets with their walls, their castles, and their churches also take place there.

5. Pedraza, Segovia, Castilla y Leon – Top Hidden Places of Spain

That the only way to enter this small town is to cross the door of its wall is something that already promises. The less surely has helped Pedraza to retain its medieval flavor, that for many centuries made the delights of artists, nobles, and monarchs. In former times, this Segovian enclave became rich and famous for the great quality of its wool and fabrics. The houses and palaces of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that still stand there leave a good record of those days of glory that have remained behind.

6. La Alberca, Salamanca , Castilla y Leon – Among top hidden holiday destinations spain

Historical-artistic monument since 1940 that is the letter of presentation of the most famous of the sal manti Nas pools. A town that exudes Castilian tradition on all four sides, those where beauty lies in the naturalness of a layout in perfect harmony with a beautiful natural environment. If you are also good to eat, La Alberca is one of those secret places that you will like to see for.

7. Monasterio de Piedra, Zaragoza , Aragon – Secret escapes spain all inclusive

Founded by Cistercian monks from Poblet in 1194, the Monasterio de Piedra is on its way to becoming a millennial place. But beyond dates and early or late Romanesque styles, what turns out to be magical in this secret corner is the walk among its lined walls. They grant an extra mysticism to a religious building whose majestic ruins preserve with discretion and elegance the weight of almost ten centuries of history. And we do not talk about the incredible natural environment that surrounds the waterfalls, lakes, and spaces of the most magical.

8. Placita de Santa Marta, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, Seville , Andalusia

La Placita de Santa Marta is a charming garden Agora that beats the pulse of flamenco table that is located inside. You will find it if you are looking for it, and if not by chance, by walking through the Barrio de la Santa Cruz, one of the most emblematic of the city of Seville that overflows like few beauty and wonders. It is one of your favorites now and has always been one of the lovers. Make sure it is part of your all inclusive holiday packages in spain.

9. Peratallada, Girona, Catalonia – Make sure it is part of your best vacation packages to spain

The Costa Brava is much more than sun and beach. It is also stone, very well carved stone, as already intuited by the name Peratallada. This delightful little village is one of the most important and best preserved medieval architectural nuclei in Catalonia. You do not have to tell anyone, you can see it with the naked eye, and if you do not see it, they tell you without words their immaculate stones and the very orderly plants that embrace them.

10. Tabarca Island, Alicante , Valencian Community – Among best places to visit in spain

The largest and only inhabited island of the Valencian Community is according to you also the most secret. Enclosed is a marine reserve of untold wealth that bears the same name, Tabarca retains a great cultural heritage. Of it, it emphasizes perhaps its wall that still conserves three doors of access, all very baroque. Dare to cross them and discover what this mythical Mediterranean enclave has for you.

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